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Parameter Value

Security rule color

RED - an active security assignment. Contains a default value in case if there are no security assignments in DB which meet current security conditions.

BLUE - security assignments, that meets security conditions, but has lower priority than active. (*Note, that the lower numbers have higher priority.)

BLACK - rest of security assignments.

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Enabled component

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Model: CARBON18L
Leather Panels
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Product Description

Leather Panels

Color: Carbon

Model: CARBON18L
Leather Panels
Color: Carbon

Product Description

Leather Panels

Provocative Design
Italian Leather
Gross Weight 45.000 lbs
Gross Weight
45.000 lbs
Design Type
Design Expression Limited Edition
Design Expression
Limited Edition
UPC Listing
Model "CARBON18L" UPC: 883049521473
Model "CARBON18L"
UPC: 883049521473